Laser Open Forum 鐳射開放論壇

​ Laser dentistry - how it can benefit you better!

 鐳射牙科-怎麼能造福你更好 !

Organized by: WFLD - World Federation for Laser Dentistry - Asia Pacific Division and CSLD - Chinese Society for Laser Dentistry 


Forum in Chinese

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 
Time: 15:30 - 17:00

Speakers: Prof. Jizhi Zhao, Dr. Li Qian, Dr. Chunlan Guo, Dr. Lei Zhu 

Forum in English

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 
Time: 16:00 - 17:30

Speakers: Dr. Ambrose Chan, Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai, Prof. Loh Hong Sai

Ambrose Chan.jpg
Dr. Ambrose Chan
Shigeyuki Nagai.jpg
Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai

Loh Hong Sai.jpg
Prof. Hong Sai Loh


A panel of international experts will enlighten you about the use of lasers in dental treatments and how they can benefit the patient and the dentist better. 

Examples in better treatment comfort, non-invasiveness, germ-reduction, promote healing and regeneration, simplify treatment, less use of Local anaesthestic, predictable treatment outcome and increase patient attendance to allow patient education for early prevention. 

Indicate in all dental disciplines from diagnosis to treatment; from caries prevention to gum management; from pedodontic to orthodontic; from endodontic to implantology ; from therapy to surgery; from facial aesthetics to snoring and cancer patients management etc.

Forum is open to all participants that have registered from one of the APDC 2021 registration category. 

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