Oral Presentations


Abstracts that will be accepted for oral presentation will have 15 minutes time slot allocated. Please prepare a presentation that lasts no longer than 13 minutes maximum to allow 2 minutes for discussion after your talk. ​


All oral presentations will be eligable to compete and win one of the below cash prizes:

1st prize = US$ 1000.00

2nd prize = US$ 500.00 

3rd prize = US$ 250.00

Oral Presentation Instructions

All speakers are requested to load their presentations in the Speakers' Ready Room at least 2 hours before the start of their session. If your presentation is early in the morning, you are strongly encouraged to load your presentation the day before in order to avoid the early morning rush.​ The Speakers' Ready Room will be marked clearly with signage at the congress venue.

Presentation NumberPresentation DateStart timeFinish timeTopicTitle Lang APresenter
O-00123 May 201709:0009:30 Prosthodontics – In Digital Age Dhanasekar Balakrishnan
O-00223 May 201709:3009:45Community DentistryBreast Feeding, Bootle Feeding, and Caries Severity In Childern Aged 4 – 6 Years Old In Bantul YogyakartaPipiet Okti Kusumastiwi
O-00323 May 201709:4510:00Community DentistryImpact of Combined Intervention with Health Education and Fluoride Varnish Vs Single Intervention on development of Early Childhood Caries -A Randomized Controlled TrialPriyadarshini Hesaraghatta Ramamurthy
O-00423 May 201710:0010:15Community DentistryOral health related behaviours and oral health status of Hong Kong institutionalised adults with intellectual disabilityRita Po Suen
O-00523 May 201710:1510:30Geriatric DentistryDelivering dental care in residential aged care facilities: a public/private urban model of careSteven Chu
O-00623 May 201711:0011:15Operative DentistryAn innovative way for direct reinforcement of endodontically treated teethAli Abdul Wahab Razooki
O-00723 May 201711:1511:30Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerDiagnose of Xerostomia due to Psychological Stress: A Case ReportAlexander Patera Nugraha
O-00823 May 201711:3011:45Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerC-MYC and BCL-2 mediated YAP induced tumorgenesis in oral squamous cells carcinoma (OSCC)Xiyan Chen
O-00923 May 201711:4512:00Pediatric DentistryThe Effect of Distraction Technique Using Video with Virtual Reality Tool to Reduce The anxiety and Pain (A Study in Muhammadiyah University Dental Hospital Yogyakarta Indonesia)Alfini Octavia
O-01023 May 201712:0012:15Pediatric DentistryTotal antioxidant capacity of serum and saliva in patients with Sickle cell AnaemiaSudhindra Baliga
O-01123 May 201712:1512:30Pediatric DentistryFerric sulphate as a pulpotomy medicament in primary molars: An evidence based approachSreekanth Kumar Mallineni
O-01223 May 201713:3013:45ImplantologyManagement of Osseous challenges while placing dental implantsEli E Machtei
O-01323 May 201713:4514:00ImplantologyOsteoinductive grafting material using FGF-2/hydroxyapatite for sinus floor augmentation: Case reportTomonori Matsuno
O-01423 May 201714:0014:15ImplantologyTreatment Planning Edentulous Patients With Fixed Implant Supported Prosthesis- Criteria And Key FactorsAhmad Alawadhi
O-01523 May 201714:1514:30ImplantologyEffectiveness evaluation of the concentrated growth factor (CGF) in alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extractionYong Wen
O-01623 May 201714:3014:45ImplantologyThe Research of Hippo/YAP Pathway involves in The Establishment of Immortalization Periodontal Ligament Stem Cell Line and Regulation of Cell Biological BehaviorQi Wang
O-01723 May 201714:4515:00ImplantologyYAP---a modulator in the proliferation ability decrease process of BMSCsYawen Ji
O-01823 May 201715:3015:45OrthodonticsOrthodontic Intervention in Child with Cleft Lip and Palate at CLP Center Surabaya, East Java, IndonesiaIda Bagus Narmada
O-01923 May 201715:4516:00Dental MaterialsMechanical properties of curved nickel-titanium archwires in cold bending and heat bending techniquesKanuengnit Pongpat
O-02023 May 201716:0016:15Oral MicrobiologyThe Influence of Essential Oil of Gunung Omeh Orange Peels (Citrus nobilis LOUR var microcarpa Hassk) in Various Concentrations Against The Growth of Staphylococcus aureusPutri Ovieza Maizar, Nurul Khairiyah
O-04623 May 201716:1516:30Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerThree novel ANO5 missense mutations in Caucasian and sporadic cases with gnathodiaphyseal dysplasiaYing Hu
​O-042​23 May 201716:30​16:45​​Periodontics​Evaluation of periodontal status in Smokers and Betel-quid chewers​Vidya Baliga
O-02324 May 201709:0009:15Community DentistryComparative cone beam CT evaluation of osseous morphology of the temporomandibular joint in temporomandibular dysfunction patients and asymptomatic individualsYasin Yasa
O-02424 May 201709:1509:30Community DentistryInvestıgation of Dental Age in Subjects with Different Sagittal Skeletal MalocclusionsHuseyin Simsek
O-02524 May 201709:3009:45OrthodonticsMulti-disciplinary Management of HypodontiaShams Moopen
O-02624 May 201709:4510:00OrthodonticsPrinciples of interdisciplinary treatment in orthodontic considerationEddie Hsiang Hua Lai
O-02724 May 201710:0010:15OrthodonticsIn this study we have found a new parameter to evaluate the maxillary sagittal position from a whole new perspectiveUmarevathi Gopalakrishnan
O-02824 May 201710:1510:30OrthodonticsShear Strength of Ceramic Bracket Bonded by Light Cured Modified Glass Ionomer Cement without Etching with Transilumination MethodeDyah Karunia
O-02924 May 201711:0011:15OrthodonticsEnhancement of alveolar bone regeneration by carbonated apatite hydrogel incorporated advanced platelet rich fibrin (a-PRF) for preventing orthodontic relapseAnanto Ali Alhasyimi
O-03024 May 201711:1511:30OrthodonticsEfficacy of mandibular advancement device in Obstructive sleep apneaWASUNDHARA Ashok Bhad (patil)
O-03124 May 201711:3011:45Community DentistryThe Relationship between Frontal Sinus Morphology and Skeletal MaturationS. Kutalmış Buyuk
O-03224 May 201711:4512:00Neuroscience / TMDEnhancement of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration by Application of Platelet Rich Plasma Which Activated with Collagen Sponge and Cytidine 5’-Diphosphocholine in Rats after Mentalis Nerve Crush InjuryPingky Krisna Arindra
O-03324 May 201712:0012:15Oral SurgeryManagement Of Cysts Derived From Necrotic Pulp (Case Report)Franky Oscar
O-03424 May 201712:1512:30EndodonticsAnalysis of gene expression profiles of apical papilla tissues, stem cells from apical papilla and cell sheet to identify the key modulators in MSCs nicheZhipeng Fan
O-03524 May 201714:0014:15EndodonticsMicro-Endodontics: Ergonomics and DocumentationAyman Mandorah
O-03624 May 201714:1514:30EndodonticsBiological based treatment modalities in contemporary EndodonticsZahid Iqbal
O-03724 May 201714:3014:45Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerA case report: Bilateral jaw pain referred from cardiac originEun Hye Choi
O-03824 May 201714:4515:00PeriodonticsLevel of Mfg- E8 in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Saliva in Periodontal Disease and HealthMustafa Cihan Yavuz
O-04024 May 201715:0015:15PeriodonticsA Novel Blue Light Diode laser (445nm) for non ablative melanin depigmentation of gingiva and lip - a high speed procedureKenneth Luk
O-04324 May 201715:1515:30PeriodonticsFinite element modeling to evaluate effect of occlusal correction on the periodontiumPratibha Kundapur
O-04825 May 201709:0009:15Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerOccupational Hazards UpdateMunir Yousef Amro
O-05325 May 201709:1509:30Oral SurgeryA Rare Case of Erupting Giant Complex OdontomaAnn Vanessa Monserrat Florento

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