Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation Instructions

Kindly note the following information regarding the poster presentations:

  • All posters should be prepared in English.
  • Posters may be prepared on a single spread sheet with the dimensions of 70 cm. width x 90 cm. height (portrait)
  • It is recommended to allocate the top part of the poster for the title, authors' names and institutions, as they appear in the abstract.
  • Posters should be prepared with font size that can be read from a 2 m distance.
  • Hanging materials will be ready in the Posters Area during the congress.
  • The posters will be displayed during entire congress time. The presenters can present at their designated poster boards during coffee and lunch breaks to answer any questions.
  • Posters can be hung to the boards at the earliest on May 22nd between 15:00-17:00 and must be removed latest by May 25th, 17:00.  Any posters remaining after the removal deadline will be discarded. 


PP No.TopicPresenting AuthorPoster Title
PP001Community DentistryTarakant BhagatKnowledge, attitude, practice and perception towards maintenance of oral health among pregnant women in eastern Nepal
PP002Community DentistryGerhard Konrad Seeberger70%: Earth or Body Water?
PP003Community DentistryBo Hyoung JinOral health status of the disabled comparison with the non-disabled: A propensity score matching analysis
PP004Community DentistryNao UedaRelationship between intraoral condition and social participation among local residents in Japan
PP005Community DentistryRecep TurkenMorphological Assessment of Palatal Rugae Pattern in a Turkish Population
PP006Community DentistryLendrawati Syofyancorrelationship between frequency of sugary snack and beverage consumption and dental caries in adolescent in Padang west sumatra
PP007Dental MaterialsZutai ZhangEffects of Subpressure Technique on the Penetration Ability of Pit and Fissure Sealant
PP008Dental MaterialsKeiji AdachiSearch for Genes Involved in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration Expressed by Periodontal Ligament Cell Sheets Cultured on Amniotic Membrane Substrate
PP009Dental MaterialsKhalifa Al KhalifaTotal and soluble fluoride concentration present in various commercial brands of children toothpastes
PP010Dental MaterialsSartika PuspitaThe Potentials of Fibroin Cocoon Silk Worm (Bombyx Mori) as a Biomaterial in Dentistry
PP011Dental MaterialsYen Hao ChangBiomaterial Property of As-Cast Ti-xZr Alloy for Dental Application
PP012Dental MaterialsWidyapramana Dwi AtmajaThe Effect of Combination Position Fiber Towards Flexural Strength and Fracture Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Composite Polyethylene
PP013Dental MaterialsChawal PadunglappisitBond strength of heat-polymerizable acrylic denture base material repaired with three auto-polymerizable acrylic resins
PP014Dental MaterialsTakahito MikiEvaluation of the novel surface treatment method of titanium by electrolytic reduction ion water
PP015Dental MaterialsVachiraporn UmpornsittikulApparent fracture toughness of bilayered and corresponding monolithic dental ceramics
PP016Dental MaterialsSasiwut SrisumangEffect of silane concentration on fracture toughness of resin infiltrated veneering ceramic
PP017Dental MaterialsDemitria Naranti SantosoChitosan Chicken Shank Collagen as a Biomaterial Candidate in Tissue Engineering
PP018Dental MaterialsRattiporn KaypetchTensile and Residual Force of Elastomeric Ligature in Different Colors and Brands
PP019Dental MaterialsWassana WichaiGrain Structure and Surface Roughness of Four Commercial NiTi Orthodontic Archwires
PP020Dental MaterialsPeerapong Tua NgamCytotoxicity of commercial and experimental dental floss
PP021Dental MaterialsSurachai DechkunakornEffect of 3%Co Additional in NiTi Alloy on Loading/Unloading Force
PP022Dental MaterialsElly Munadziroh Abdul RachmanApplication of recombinant secretory leucocyte protease inhibitor amnion membrane on incision of Rattus norvegicus to the number of TNF- α and blood vessel cell in wound healing process
PP023Dental MaterialsMarzia Magdalena Teteleptaeffect of the preparation design on the transversal strength of acrylic resin reparations
PP024EndodonticsBrian Endaya EsporlasEffectiveness of Mimosa Pudica Against the Microorganisms Found in Root Canals
PP025EndodonticsShunjiro YamakawaChange of Matrix Components in Porcine Pulp Tissues by Er:YAG Laser Irradiation
PP026EndodonticsGin ChenStrain analysis of occlusal force distribution on cracked tooth using stainless steel orthodontic-band protection
PP027EndodonticsTina Puthen PurayilComparative evaluation of surface defects in single file rotary systems before and after instrumentation in extracted molars – A SEM analysis
PP028EndodonticsMeera AcharyaA DOM and CBCT aided endodontic treatment of the mandibular first premolar of an unusual presentation。
PP029EndodonticsErma SofianiClinical Evaluation of Success Indirect Pulp Capping with Calcium Hydroxide (CaOH2) Material Type of Hard Setting at The Dental Hospital of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
PP030EndodonticsAshok AyerStudy on effect of radiographic dentin thickness and coronal pulp size on dentin hypersensitivity following tooth preparation
PP031EndodonticsFuping ZhangMelatonin promotes differentiation of rat dental papilla cells by regulating mitochondrial function
PP032EndodonticsVivekananda PaiThe Incidence of Inter-Appointment Flare-Up and Its Association with Patient Factors During Root Canal Treatment by Undergraduate Students-A Prospective Study
PP033Geriatric DentistryMasayo SunagaDevelopment and evaluation of computer-assisted learning material regarding oral health care methods for elderly persons requiring long-term care as interprofessional education material for dental hygiene students
PP034Geriatric DentistrySmon ManosoontornKnowledge, attitudes, and behavior towards oral health among a group of staff caring for elderly people in long-term care facilities
PP035ImplantologyChan Jin ParkDental implant replacement at failed sites in diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis
PP036ImplantologyLee Ra ChoA staged approach of implant placement in maxillary central incisor for reconstruction of peri-implant esthetics
PP037ImplantologyAdrien PaulCone-Beam Computer Tomography and dental Implants: Is what you see, what you get ?
PP038ImplantologyRajesh BansalSurface modification of commercially pure titanium by thermal oxidation to improve corrosion resistance in body fluid
PP039ImplantologyPubudu Chrishantha PereraEvaluation Of success rate of conventional implants on war wounded military personnel
PP040Neuroscience / TMDMario Fetnandez Guiang Jr.Neuromuscular Dentistry: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stmulation in Full Mouth Reconstruction
PP041Neuroscience / TMDErwin Martin Pena CabusasPrevalence of Temporo-mandibular Disorder Signs and Symptoms of the Head, Neck, and Face among Dental Clinicians of Our Lady of Fatima University College of Dentistry for the School Year 2014-2015: Basis for TMD Management Program
PP042Neuroscience / TMDSheila Ortega CobcoboLevel of Awareness of UPHSD Dental Clinicians on Ergonomics on Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders
PP043Neuroscience / TMDAttiya ShaukatMusculoskeletal Disorders Amongst Dental Professionals in Singapore
PP044Operative DentistryAli Abdul Wahab RazookiCompatibility of different composite shades with VITA shade guide
PP045Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerJohn Dave B. ValmoresMuntingia calabura Linn leaf concoction as blood coagulant agent
PP046Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerPeter James ThomsonOrcellex® Brush Biopsy and the Management of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders: A 310 Patient Cohort Study
PP047Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerBaha Munir AmroInfection Control Update - The truth about Hepatitis B and C
PP048Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerIrene Shuping ZhaoMechanisms of silver diamine fluoride on arresting caries: a literature review
PP049Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerAlexander Patera NugrahaPrevalence of Erythema Multiform In HIV/AIDS Patients at UPIPI RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
PP050Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerTakeshi AmemiyaCultivated of Periosteal-derived Cell Sheets on an Amniotic Membrane Substrate
PP051Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerSun Young KimCombinatory treatment with silibinin and metformin increases anti-tumor effects in cancer cells
PP052Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerJeong Seok KimSchisandrin C activates homeostasis through autophagy regulation in C2C12 cells: Nrf-2/ERK-1/2/HO-1pathway
PP053Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerSeon Hwa JeongGomisin A enhances anti-aging property to promote mitochondrial biogenesis in SIPS-induced HDF cells
PP054Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerDiah Savitri ErnawatiExpression and Analysis of HLA-DRB and HLA-DQB Genes in Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) in East Javanese Indonesia
PP055Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerRui DongExpression profiling of lncRNA and mRNA in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells undergoing osteogenic differentiation
PP056Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerJa Won ChoEvaluations of the sensitivity after the massage of toothpaste containing potassium nitrate and aluminum lactate
PP057Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerIra ArundinaCyclooxygenase inhibitors (cox) -2 as anti oral cancer
PP058Oral MicrobiologyKathrene Faye Ong LampaSyzygium Cumini Leaf Extract as Denture Cleanser Agent
PP059Oral MicrobiologyJian Na CaiEffect of Sucrose Concentration on Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation
PP060Oral MicrobiologyMinh Huy DangRestoration of Acid Production in Cariogenic Biofilms Following Fluoride Treatment
PP061Oral MicrobiologyRini Devijanti RidwanStudy of the Role Electrolyzed Reduced Water in Wistar rats with Periodontitis
PP062Oral RadiologyKhoo Hou XuanDescription of Mandibular Asymmetry by Using Panoramic Radiograph
PP063Oral SurgeryTakeshi AmemiyaBone differentiation induction of dental pulp-derived cell sheet cultured on human amniotic membrane and its application to alveolar bone regeneration
PP064Oral SurgeryMakiko OnoClinical Observation of the Emergency Patients in Nihon University Hospital
PP065Oral SurgeryShao Fu HuangEvaluation of the fatigue performance of Le Fort I osteotomy fixed with various fixation system
PP066Oral SurgeryYang Sung LinEvaluation of the feasibility of an innovative multi-axial mandibular distraction by an animal in vivo testing
PP067Oral SurgeryYosaphat Bayu RosantoEvaluation of Ameloblastoma Recurrences after Mandibulectomy
PP068OrthodonticsDaiki SekidoGaze-point movement on viewing faces before and after cheiloplasty of cleft lip and palate patients, in comparison with healthy persons
PP069OrthodonticsToshio IwataExamination of the facial proportions in Japanese adult malocclusion patients
PP070OrthodonticsWataru HiranoEye-tracking analysis of gaze-point changes on viewing faces before and after surgical orthodontic treatment of patients with skeletal mandibular protrusion
PP071OrthodonticsTan Teng TengComparison of Tooth Size Discrepancy among Angle Class I, II, III Malocclusion Groups
PP072OrthodonticsStefi BelinaThe difference of reduction in plaque index between the use of inter-dental toothbrush and mouthwash in patients with fixed orthodontic appliance
PP073OrthodonticsShinjiro MiyakeSuccess rate of orthodontic anchor screws relative to their position to adjacent tooth roots on cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)
PP074OrthodonticsShruti ShivakumarBarriers for Seeking Orthodontic Treatment in Patients with Perceived Malocclusion
PP075OrthodonticsKirill E. StepanovInfluence of orthodontic treatment on the functional parameters of external breathing in athletes with dentoalveolar anomalies
PP076OrthodonticsSusiana GanTreatment Of A Class II Division 1 Malocclusion With Non-Extraction In Growing Patient (Case Report)
PP077OrthodonticsNiwat AnuwongnukrohComparison of cephalometrics norm among Thai and Orther Asian adults with normal occlusion and well facial profile
PP078OrthodonticsHon Kwan WooEvaluation of the relationship between malar projection and lower facial convexity on perceived attractiveness from 3-dimensional modified photos
PP079OrthodonticsJunichiro MoriThe Changes of E-Line by ' Natural Orthodontic Treatment'
PP080OrthodonticsPinandi Sri PudyaniEffect of silane to attachment failure of metal bracket with self-cured and light cured adhesive resin on ceramic surface
PP081OrthodonticsAmish MehtaEffect of Micro-Osteoperforations on The Rate of Tooth Movement: A Randomized Controlled Trial
PP082Pediatric DentistryNana ShiotaEffectiveness of interactive computer-assisted learning (CAL) material on sports-related dental trauma for knowledge acquisition
PP083Pediatric DentistryZhi Hui SawRemedy Turned Tragedy - A Case Report
PP084Pediatric DentistryJamal GiriMixed dentition space analysis among Nepalese Mongoloid population
PP085Pediatric DentistryLaelia Dwi AnggrainiEffect Tube on Space Maintainer Acrylic Resin to Movement of Arch (Literature Review)
PP086Pediatric DentistryInder Kumar PanditComparative evaluation of change in oral health behaviour and practices among pre-school and school going children using motivational interview alone and motivational interview along with Short Messaging Service as intervention
PP087Pediatric DentistryYaniar Riga PurwanaThe Effectiveness of Counseling With The Media of Animation to the Improvement of Oral Health Behaviours in 11 years old Students
PP088Pediatric DentistryHai Ming WongThe rate of change in oral health status from childhood to early adulthood in Hong Kong
PP089PeriodonticsSurena VahabiBio gene marker expression in gingival hyperplasia due to Cyclosporine and Phenytoin
PP091PeriodonticsMa. Celina GarciaThe Accuracy and Reproducibility of Hu-Friedy UNC-15 Periodontal Probe and YDM Gram Probe #2 As Used By Junior and Senior Dental Students in Measuring Probing Pocket Depth
PP092PeriodonticsJong Wook MoonAutotransplantation of teeth after long-term cryopreservation with PRP in Dogs
PP093PeriodonticsAnnisa Galuh RahmawatiMucin-secreted Snail (Achatina Fulica) Inhibit Bacterial Plaque in Gingivitis
PP094PeriodonticsJi Eun KimEffect of Phelligridin D from mushroom I. xeranticus on LPS-induced inflammation in Periodontal Ligament cells
PP095PeriodonticsMutlu KeskinInterdisciplinary Management for Gummy Smile and Maxillary Midline Diastema: A Case Report
PP096PeriodonticsSeokwoo LeeAssociation between Asthma and Periodontitis: Results from Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
PP097PeriodonticsKuang Min ChangNatural History of Untreated Localized Aggressive Periodontitis - a Case Report
PP098PeriodonticsHenry Yonatan MandalasInfra Bony Defects Treatment by Using Platelet Rich Plasma Combined with Bone Graft: A Case Report
PP099PeriodonticsIndeswati DiyatriGene polymorphisms of Osteoprotegerin (OPG) and Receptor activator of NF-κB Ligand (RANKL) as predictor of Aggressive Periodontitis in Surabaya, Indonesia
PP100PeriodonticsAyu Ramayani ZulkarnainEffectivity Method for Wound Healing Process Post-Gingivectomy With Application Gel Extract Ethanol of Breadfruit Leaves (Artocarpus alitilis)
PP101PeriodonticsMonika BansalComparative evaluation of Transgingival Probing and surgical re-entry in furcation defects
PP102PeriodonticsJyoti Shrestha TakancheSchisandrin C enhances autophagy and mitochondrial biogenesis: odontoblastic differentiation of human dental pulp cells
PP103PeriodonticsChiquita PrahasantiInsulin growth factor (IGF) plays an important role in the formation and maturation of bone.
PP104ProsthodonticsSoyeun KimFracture strength and mode after fatigue of lithium disilicate pressed zirconia crown
PP105ProsthodonticsHouari HakimaThe dysfunction of the masticatory system in prosthesis wearers and their evolution "TMD"
PP106ProsthodonticsXiaojuan ZhaoImplant placement using a newly developed CT-based guide program and subtractive manufacturing
PP107ProsthodonticsKallaya SuputtamongkolCharacterization of internal defects of all-ceramic crowns using X-ray micro-computed tomography
PP108ProsthodonticsPimnida PhokhinchatchananComparison of fracture toughness of leucite-based, lithium-disilicate-based and zirconia reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramics
PP109ProsthodonticsLaddawan PitiaumnuaysapFracture resistance of lithium-disilicated-based, leucite-based and zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass-ceramics
PP110ProsthodonticsKyu Bok LeeClinical application of dental surgical guides designed by using 3D printing method
PP111ProsthodonticsPorntida VisuttiwatanakornMarginal and internal discrepancy of all-ceramic crowns using X-ray micro-computed tomography
PP112ProsthodonticsPramita SuwalStudy on success of cast partial denture over all acrylic dentures in partially dentate patients
PP113ProsthodonticsNeeraj GugnaniFabrication of Chair-side, Single-sitting, Semi-Permanent Crowns Using a Novel Material – A Case Series
PP114ProsthodonticsShahad Mohammed AltuwaijriThe Effect of Different Thicknesses on the Translucency of Different CAD/CAM Ceramic Materials
PP115ProsthodonticsUsha RadkeImpact of Inter-professional Education module on Attitudes of Healthcare Providers involved in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
PP116Endang PrawesthiThe effectiveness of cobalt chromium plate as denture labeling on heating with high temperature for forensic identification (research report)
PP117Rosita GusfourniThe effect of carbonated soft drink on color change the denture base material of heat cured acrylic resin and nylon thermoplastic

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